sheenaNigans (happenstance13) wrote in thejoyfulheart,

April is...

Just wanted to let everyone know about the updates on and joyfl hearts website. has some events for APril's Sexual Assault Awareness month (if you live in San Diego, I emailed her some things, and they are up on her blog.) Check the blog, because thats where the updates are.

Joyful heart has added some new stuff for April. Theres a messages from Mariska about this month, awareness and education, there are some new recommendations for readings and things like that, April activities in your area, and the heartshop has added the Philosophy body wash made for joyful heart, and the new tshirt is supposed to be coming soon.

Since April is National Sexual Assault Awareness month, I urge you all to go out into your community and take part in it if you can. Universities usually have Take Back the Night rallies/walks (check with your campus, or if you have a women's resource center, thats a great place to start). Or if there aren't any in your area, you can start one! Or simply just educate yourself and others about the importance of awareness.

Thanks everyone!
<3 sheena
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