sheenaNigans (happenstance13) wrote in thejoyfulheart,


Would anyone be interested in purchasing a Joyful Heart Foundation tshirt?
It is a ladies large, but fits me nicely (I am about a Medium usually in tops and a 3-5 in jeans)
I bought one and my mom ended up buying me one, so now I have 2! It's never been work, its the white one (before they went unisex one size fits all)
Let me know, thanks!

<3 sheena
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I might be interested... do you have measurements for it?
I actually don't have it right now (I'm at work). But when I get home tonight I can try to get them for you. If you tell me your sizes, I might be able to help now! THanks!
Well... I actually wear a size Large in Juniors, but I'm not sure what kind of difference it is with Women sizes.
Well womens and juniors are sort of similar. Depending on the brand and material, I can wear a medium-xlarge in juniors :(
What is your bust size? We might be able to go by that
I can't find the tape measurer sorry. But when I have mine on, I would say it stretches to about a 36" (I wear about a 36C)
Let me know if you still want it. If not, a few other girls have asked for it. Thanks!
Actually. If you think it'll fit a 36B, then I'll buy it. I really really really want a JHF shirt. But if you don't think it'll fit a 36B, then you can go ahead and sell it to one of the other girls that wanted it.
Im interested also, how much would it be?? could you email me ( or IM me (heddie1998 on AIM) with the info? Thanks!
I paid $25 for it shipped. I'll le you know if she doesn't want it.