Kelly (sweetharmony82) wrote in thejoyfulheart,

SVU dvd season 2

no one has posted on this journal for a while.. just thought i'd do my best to get it active again... does anyone know dates on when SVU season 2 will be coming on DVD? i haven't heard yet but i heard rumors that it will be this fall...........
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Universal Home Video has just announced the second season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for release on September 27. This 3 disc set (double-sided) will include all 21 episodes (924 mins) from the second season of the show. Universal has an English Stereo track listed, but previous sets have included Dolby Surround audio tracks, so it's likely this will as well. There will also be English and Spanish subtitles, and Full Frame (1.33:1) video. The discs will come in slim cases with an outer box. Suggested retail price is $59.98.

Got it from the website - :] I can't wait!!!!! :]